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In large steel plants and foundries where the instantaneous physical movement of test samples over long distances are necessary.

- Metallurgical industry , transport of hot samples and powders to the laboratory and returning the analyse document of the sample to the production area in short time.

- Cement Plants Transfer of cement or raw material samples to the laboratory.

  • Line Pipes
    Cold drawn, EN10305-1, Quality St 44 or St 52, outer diameters 68, 80 or 110mm. Outer surface is sand blasted SA 21/2 level according to ISO 8051-1 standarts.
  • Long Radius Elbows
    Elbows are manufactured from line pipes by special die machines in 1500-2000 mm radius sizes.
  • Pipe Brackets
    Brackets are made from either cast steel or from extruded aluminium. Holding the pipes in place firmly is maintained by special steel rings inside the brackets and screws outside the brackets. Tightness against air leaks is maintained by special o-ring sets.
  • Sending/Receiving Stations
    Stations are manufactured so that carrier is properly located and mechanical door leak-free when closed. Carrier falls to the station in lower speed to perevent the damages to carrier. This soft-fall is obtained by special designed valves and actuator operations.
  • Power Units
    Motion of the carrier in the pipe line is maintained by a power unit. Power Unit's capacity is determined to lenght of the pipe line, maximum height of line, pipe diameter, travel time etc.
  • Diverters
    In cases when a power unit is operated for more than a production unit sample transfer, a diverter unit is installad at a proper location on the pipe line to direct the carrier to required station. Operation of the diverter is governed by automation system.
  • Carriers
    Carriers are designed and manufactured as to create minimum frictional forces against to pipe wall and in various types related to sample kind to be carried and line properties.



Single two way carriers in both direction.


No limitation on the length of the systems.


Safety interlocks to ensure that the system is re-set only when carrier is removed and destination ends.


Visual and audio indication while carrier in transit and also when carrier reaches to the destination.


Ability of sending and receiving the sample from more than one production area by installing diverters on the line.

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